The vineyards of the Toti family lie in the “Colli Orientali del Friuli”, in the Commune of Albana di Prepotto. Their lands border Slovenia, only a few kilometers east of Cividale.

Viniculture is an ancient tradition here: for centuries vines have been planted and wines of excellent quality produced. This is not by chance: the caracteristics of the soil – chiefly marl and sandstone – are ideal for the growth of wines. The beneficent influence of mild marine air favours the grapes' natural ripening process. Numerous varieties of grape find an ideal setting in this habitat, and yield wines of vivid hue – fragrant and unmistakable.

For generations the Toti family has held a course toward the goal of increasing, with new viticultural techniques, the quality of the wines they produce, while retaining the values handed down from their forebears. Some fifty years ago Giuseppe, with love and passion for his native soil, began a far-sighted effort to rescue an indigenous grape variety “Schioppettino” wich had already benne marked for extinction. He was convinced of the possibilities inherent in this wine, and untiringly dedicated himself to emphasizing its organoleptic characteristics and accentuating its desiderable features. He now well-know to producers and connoisseurs alike for this fortunate intuition.

We, the younger generation, with respect for the environment and love for our land and work, continue to follow the indicated pathway. In making selections for cultivation, we pay due regard – without giong to extremes – to the seasonal cycles and to the requirements of nature, and endeavor to combine and balance the classicals knowhow and traditional techniques with new technologies.


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