Schioppettino wine

Schioppettino is a wine produced from 100% Schioppettino grapes, the name of which probably derives from the Slovenian pokalca or pòcanza, since each grape has a hard and strong peel, and if you squeeze one between your thumb and your index it bursts with a little crack.
In Italian the grapevine was called “ribolla nera” (red ribolla) and the writings dating back to the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century reveal that it was grown in the municipality of Prepotto and especially in the hamlet of Albana. In 1939 professor Ugo Poggi stated that “red ribolla grapevine, outside its place of growth, even if only a few kilometres far, produces a wine that does not own those peculiar characteristics which make it such a rare wine in the town of Prepotto with the name of Schioppettino…”.
In 1970 the writer and director Mario Soldati, during his studies for the draft of the book Wine to wine, published by Mondadori in 1971, went to Albana and reached our winery that was one of a few that produced and bottled Schioppettino wine in all the world at the time.
On that occasion Soldati said so: “Schioppettino is an extremely rare wine. You tread it, with grapes of its grapevine, in Albana of Prepotto only, still in the province of Udine, on the border of the province of Gorizia, on the river Judrio banks… around it, in the loneliness, in the silence and in the supreme grace as that of a life that existed and is going to leave this strip of land, everything magically matches the flavour, the taste of the rarity of Schioppettino wine

Neither its lowest yield nor its infinitesimal consumption could never persuade me to appreciate it less.
Picolit wine, yes, is an impoverished aristocrat, but you tell tales about it, you talk even too much about it, so that its nobility, getting this advertising lustre, should not debase.
Schioppettino is a flawless solitaire, instead: a nearly sole champion, among the wines, of that unknown virtue, that the writer Alfieri, among the human celebrities, considered maybe the greatest”.
Over half a century has passed since our winery started the preservation of Schioppettino wine, that was disappearing at the time and still today we keep on producing this wine in its original type, always really appreciated by our customers, and in the “Schioppettino of Prepotto” type, created in the homonymous area with a more restrictive specifications of yield in comparison with the first (49 hectolitres of maximum yield per hectar and obligatory refinement in wooden barrels for at least 12 months. Our output of Schioppettino wine is usually sold after the month of September of the second year following the vintage.


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